Fully compatible with Windows Vista(TM)

* Profile Assistant
Helps you to customize your system by modifying existing profiles

* Profile Manager
Create, delete, modify and export your own configuration profiles
that you can use to change all your system settings in seconds

* Ready-to-use profiles
A set of professionally tuned profiles for super-fast
optimization of your system

* Profile export
Save profiles on external media and apply them independently

* QuickStart Bar
Direct access to tweaks and settings for fast customization
of your system

* Automatic System Scan
Adjusts the presentation of all options to match
your individual system requirements

* Risk Level Monitor
Warns you about potentially risky settings

* Rescue Center
Records all configuration changes you make and enables
you to return to your original settings at any time

* Processes
A management console provides detailed information on
active processes and enables you to kill them if necessary

* Services
Recommendations and configuration options for many Windows®
services – improve performance by disabling unnecessary services

* Benchmarking
Check your system performance with a detailed analysis and report

* Profile Manager
Helps you to optimize system performance and behavior

* System Diagnostics
Generates a detailed report on your computers components

* Icon Manager
Saves the layout of the icons on your desktop so that
you can restore it if it gets ‘messed up’

* Skins
Three new skins to change the appearance and style of the program

* Improved setting help
Context-sensitive pop-up descriptions of all settings provide
all the information you need on every option

* Improved Windows® optimization
For all system areas in Windows® 2000, XP and Windows Vista32

* Many new settings
A wealth of new options for customizing and the Windows®
user interface and enhancing performance

* Online Update
Add new tuning options and solve issues and problems quickly

* Operating Systems for Ashampoo WinOptimizer 5 + Ashampoo PowerUp 3:
Windows® 2000, XP and Windows Vista32


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